Wisconsin Ice Age Trail - Steve Heraly
After almost 40 years of working, I was scheduled to retire at the end of January 2016. After spending all that time behind a desk working on a computer, I wanted to set up a more active lifestyle in retirement. In thinking of some options, I thought back to my youth and an activity I took part in during my Boy Scout tenure. It was an 18 mile hike in Northern Kettle Moraine. I thought it would be fun to redo this hike. I really had no idea anymore what the starting and finishing points were, so I did some research and found out the Ice Age Trail now goes for over a thousand miles. At this point in my life, I have no ambition to hike over a thousand miles. Instead, I carved out about 100 miles of the trail. 50 miles north of County Line Highway Q (between Waukesha and Washington Counties) and 50 miles south. This seemed like a reasonable project, and decided to start my trip by heading north on March 10th. With my interest in photography, I wanted to document this project, and share it with anyone who would be interested. The first objective is hiking the trails and the photography is secondary. I am posting a number of pictures I have taken in each segment. I tried to limit these to 10 to 25 images for each segment. The descriptions below will give you an idea on what you are seeing in each segment.